Piotras Kostinas

The Painter and Teacher

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Piotras Kostinas' and his students art exhibition "The Knowledge".

10 October to 9 December 2022

The ability to create is encoded in each of us. It becomes a nice challenge in this art studio. We invite you to take a look at our paintings at the "Knowledge" exhibition. Let this be your incentive to join and become an integral part of this all-encompassing process.

Piotras Kostinas (born in 1954 Poltava, Ukraine) - painter, sculptor, scenographer, actor, interior architect, art historian. 1974-1980 studied at the Kharkiv Art Institute (universal studies: painting, sculpture, stained glass, mosaic, fresco, interior architecture, graphics, design). There he gained both a deep understanding of art history and excellent academic drawing skills. Mr. Kostinas has lived in Lithuania for almost 40 years. His art reflects a fantasy full of vivid, surreal images. He continues in tradition of Western Europe 16th-19th century style painting, inspires by the paintings of the great Dutch masters. Mastery and the use of Renaissance style and romantic fantasy distinguishes P. Kostin from the rest in a large group of Lithuanian artists.
In 2014 Piotr Kostin opened art studio in his name. Piotras Kostinas states: "My school is, in principe, very similar to those Renaissance workshops in which the great masters of painting taught their studens. First you learn to draw, then you copy famous paintings. Each student is gifted, and I help them to unleash their talent. Classic style painting requires the highest level of skill and is difficult to achieve but the effort pays off with impressive works." Teacher Piotras Kostinas ant 10 of his students will present their paintings in the exhibition. The range of genres of works is wide: from landscapes to portraits. It is said tha the best paintings have already been painted. However, thinking this way is wrong. Art never stands still. Let the exhibition become an incentive to move forward towards self-knowledge and creativity.

The exhibition shows paintings and reproductions by Piotras Kostinas and 10 of his students.


Laura Augulytė, Živilė Ilevičiūtė, Paulina Kasperavičiūtė, Laura Minelgienė, Artur Mirkevič, Greta Rameikaitė-Bartkevičienė, Erika Razminaitė, Greta Riaubaitė, Egidijus Valantinas, Karolis Visockas.

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Vilnius is dreaming. Oil on canvas. 75x60 cm., 2022 (sold)

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