Piotr Kostin (born in 1954 Poltava, Ukraine) - painter, sculptor, scenographer, actor, interior architect, art historian. 1967-1971 studied at the Kharkiv State School of Art. Later,  1974-1980 studied at the Kharkiv Art Institute (universal studies: painting, sculpture, stained glass, mosaic, fresco, interior architecture, graphics, design). There he gained both a deep understanding of art history and excellent academic drawing skills. 1982-1983 he lived in Saint Petersburg and copied paintings at the State Hermitage Museum.  1984 he moved to Lithuania. The first serious work of art created in Lithuania - triptych in Šilutė (27 m²) in 1988. Since 1989 oil painting became main activity. Later, in 1992 he started to create interiors for private and public spaces. Mr. Kostin has lived in Lithuania for almost 40 years. Here he participated in several solo and group exhibitions, plein airs. The most impressive exhibitions took place at the historic Vilnius Town Hall, "Arka Art Gallery" and gallery "Galera". 2003-2019 he created in Užupis Art Incubator (Užupis str. 2a, Vilnius). There people can still see his Plan and calendar of Užupis (third photo).

His activity as a teacher began when he was invited to conduct painting lessons for students at Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium. This led to the establishment of an art studio later.

He have been granted the status of an artist in 2015 and became a member of Association LATGA in 2019. 

Despite being an artist, he is also known as an actor. His acting career started in 2010 when he was invited to play two roles Curonian fugitive and Beggar Island in the New theater. He also has created its logo - phoenix arising from ash. Also he starred in Lithuanian, international movies and advertisements such as Three million euros, I Am a Star, Imported Groom, Clark.

His art reflects a fantasy full of vivid, surreal images. He continues in tradition of Western Europe 16th-19th century style painting, inspires by the paintings of the great Dutch masters. Mastery and the use of Renaissance style and romantic fantasy distinguishes P. Kostin from the rest in a large group of Lithuanian artists.

The most famous and greatest work - wall painting Main point? in Vilnius Center Clinic (63m²). It was developed from 1995 to 2003. It was inspired by the film Brazil. This fresco has been in public display and visible to all visitors to the polyclinic for almost 20 years.

In 2014 Piotr Kostin opened art studio in his name. Every year Piotr Kostin is organizing exhibitions Modus vivendi with his students. Under the resounding name of Modus Vivendi lies a creative way of life, a desire to know and discover yourself as an artist. Piotr Kostin states: "My school is, in principle, very similar to those Renaissance workshops in which the great masters of painting taught their students. First you learn to draw, then you copy famous paintings. Each student is gifted, and I help them to unleash their talent. Classic style painting requires the highest level of skill and is difficult to achieve but the effort pays off with impressive works." The range of genres of works in exhibitions is wide: from landscapes to portraits. It is said that the best paintings have already been painted. However, thinking this way is wrong. Art never stands still. All exhibitions take place in popular locations such as cafes, cinemas, libraries. Art should be as close as possible to the people.

His paintings are in private collections in Lithuania, Australia, the United States of America, Israel, Belgium, Germany, Montenegro, Ukraine and Spain.

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