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Return Policy

If your product gets damaged in the mail / during manufacturing, or the product does not arrive within 15 business days (domestic) and 28 business days (intl.) - we will see that you get a replacement product or, possibly, a refund. Refunds are made on a case-by-case basis, but generally, products kept for longer than 21 days may not be returned. Similarly, we are not responsible for orders that do not arrive on time for a specific occasion/holiday, products that are accidentally ordered/now unwanted, or spelling errors made by the end-user. Of course, we want all our customers to be satisfied, and if you have a specific question/case that does not fall within this policy, please send us an e-mail at piotas.kostinas@gmail.com.


We offer to frame. Frames are subject to availability, and at times we do run out of stock, and they may be back-ordered. Please note that frames are final sale (non-refundable) unless they come damaged, in which case we will send you a replacement frame for free. For now, the print ships with the frame in the same box, and some assembly may be required to put the physical print into the frame.

Your Electronic Footprint with Us

For context:
VšĮ Piotro Kostino meno studija
Company code: 304703935
Address: Švitrigailos str. 7, 03110 Lithuania
Phone: +37061285160
Email: piotras.kostinas@gmail.com
VšĮ Piotro Kostino meno studija is doing business as piotraskostinas.com and is an e-commerce website selling customized prints and other art products.

Browsing piotraskostinas.com contact form, sending emails or the like (i.e., Facebook Page messages) to VšĮ Piotro Kostino meno studija or one of its affiliates will result in some form of electronic footprint with us and to your consent to use this to receive electronic communications. You agree that all agreements, notices, discloses, and other communications that we provide to you electronically, via email and on the Site satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

VšĮ Piotro Kostino meno studija does not deliberately gather online or offline personal information from minors (persons under thirteen). If you are under 18, you may use piotraskostinas.com only with a parent or guardian's permission.

Refund and Cancellation

We promise that we thrive on making our customers happy, and we will make exceptions wherever possible to ensure a greatly exceeded experience when buying our product.

  1. Once the order was placed and we receive it, we will deliver within 2-30 business days. Generally, we are well covered. At times, we can expect quicker delivery due to our proximity to customers. We can't control that the customer provides us with an incorrect delivery address during the ordering process. In such cases, we won't guarantee a return if the error was due partly to the purchaser.

  2. If our local printing partners are not able to deliver the ordered merchandise for us and they cannot fulfil their contractual obligations, we will inform the customer immediately that the product ordered is not available.

  3. Once the goods are shipped, the risk of goods that may be damaged or perished passes on to the buyer. This means that we, VšĮ Piotro Kostino meno studija, will not be liable for any damages caused by the shipping company.

  4. If the shipment information provided by the customer was incorrect at the time of order, this results in a case where an order is not eligible for a return for such reasons as delay in shipment, etc.

Shipping detail, returns, and right of withdrawal

  1. Once you have confirmed the order via pressing the "confirm" or alike button, you would not be able to change information such as address or name. Please contact us at your earliest convenience in the case of an issue with the order via piotras.kostinas@gmail.com. We are not responsible for notification in such a case and change the order. However, we will always do our best to help resolve the issue. This means that the user has no rights to receive the replacement of products in dispute due to an address mistake. All of this is subject to investigation and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  2. piotraskostinas.com will review the replacement of Products or refund requests within 28 days of placing the order. If there are product quality issues, a product is missing, and piotraskostinas.com will replace it with a new product. To issue a refund process based on the aforementioned reasons, piotraskostinas.com can be contacted via our email. We will process refund requests within ten (10) working days. piotraskostinas.com is not responsible when the purchaser has provided inaccurate information, such as the wrong Customer name or address. In such a case, the additional costs - such as return shipping or replacement containers need to be carried by the customer.

  3. Since every product is individually made once the order is placed, there is no right of withdrawal.

  4. A note about quality: sometimes your print may differ slightly from what is presented on our website. For example, some colors may come out slightly darker and bolder than what is displayed. Coloring can change between devices and display settings. By ordering a product with piotraskostinas.com, you agree that you acknowledge this, and products attempting to be returned for such reasons may not be eligible for a return. We guarantee a high-quality product; however, nuances in colors are not up to our control as every individual may have a different device they view their prospective order on.


  1. piotraskostinas.com delivers to users in the EU and applicable INTL countries, and the customer is responsible for the cost of delivery / unless otherwise stated. The cost of delivery is added to the product's price even though they are included in most cases. However, we have the right to charge additional costs in case of the location of the partner. You can find our standard delivery costs on our checkout confirmation page.

  2. piotraskostinas.com cannot vouch for the delivery date and is not accountable for any delays if a product is delivered after the estimated delivery. The delivery times are based on our shipping partner's estimations based on their usual delivery times. At any time, delivery dates may change based on unforeseeable circumstances, which we will do our best to communicate in advance.

  3. Full payment of all sums of the products, including delivery charges, will result in our products' ownership.

Sales tax & Custom

  1. If the customer is not located in the EU, they are responsible for paying sales tax. piotraskostinas.com cannot be held responsible for any such tax. Within the EU, sales tax will be included.

  2. Customers outside of the EU may be subject to pay customs duties, and piotraskostinas.com will not be held responsible for any such duties.