Piotras Kostinas Art Studio

Švitrigailos str. 7, Vilnius 03110



Eventually I realized that the formula for a masterpiece is the original creation of the own world, when you see maximum into Global Gold Art Fund. Talent plus consistent professional development and the ability to work hard creating art, can bring incredible results. The whole time I was attracted to art in various forms. Good art of the world - it is a whole. If you enter deep in any of the activities, you start to realize that it is the art of meditation, which approaching to understanding of God. All primitive energy of the Universe is God. Energy has infinite frequencies. The creativity of a man who meditates may resonate with those frequencies. Staying in the creative condition helps the soul to develop. By exploring the works of old masters I understood that a "lazy" masterpieces are absent: you need to put maximum of your energy. Very good piece of art is a meditation tool. One of the oil painting masters - van Eyck J. after each finished painting was writing: "As far as I am able for now". The picture quality speaks for itself. So the same did Rembrandt, J. Vermeer. In dealing with thousands of the best artists of all times I studying pictures. Dali once said : "Painters, don't be afraid of perfection - you will never reach it".