For more than half a century, the artist Piotras Kostinas has been studying, researching and delving into the most complex techniques of oil painting which is represented by masters from the Dutch Golden Age such as Jan van Eyck, Peter Bruegel the Elder, Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt van Rijn. Inspired by their masterpieces Piotras Kostinas created his own magical world. The full beauty of a picture is revealed when it is properly lit. Then the surface of the canvas disappears, the work revives with all the small details and shines from within. There is an intriguing story, philosophical thoughts, deep implications in every picture. Some works are auto-ironic, others are warning, metaphysical. The artist opened an art studio almost 10 years ago and there he conveys his knowledge to the students. Piotras sees a world beautiful, saturated with love and this energy emanates from his paintings.